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The Books of Remembrance
Located in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower on Parlament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, the Books of Remembrance contain the names of Canadians who fought and died in Canada's wars.
You can also read about a visit to the Memorial Chamber here on
Okanagan Military Museum
Located in Kelowna, British Columbia.
The museum's mission is the protection, preservation and presentation of the Okanagan Valley's proud military heritage.
Cornwallis Museum
This website and the museum are both a tribute to the men and women who not only built the base during wartime conditions, but to those who were trained in Cornwallis and went on to serve their country in times of peace and of conflict. The HMCS/CFB Cornwallis Military Historical Society was formed by volunteers to keep the spirit and history of the former training base alive after its closure, and in memory of all servicemen and women who paid the supreme sacrifice to enable Canadians to live in a free country.
Canadian War Museum
Located in Ottawa, Ontario.
An entirely new and must-see attraction, this national museum presents Canada's military past and how it shaped the country. Its outstanding exhibitions explain Canada s rich military history from earliest times to the present, featuring the experiences of people on the battlefields and at home.
National Air Force Museum of Canada
Located in Trenton, Ontario.
To help preserve our heritage and recognize the many Canadians who served and continue to serve in Canada’s Air Force, the RCAF Memorial Museum, located in Quinte West (Trenton) Ontario, was established in 1984, and was subsequently designated as the national Air Force museum. It is especially dedicated to the memory of those airmen and airwomen who gave their lives in both peace and war.
CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum
Located in Esquimalt, B.C.
CFB Esquimalt Naval & Military Museum is located at Naden on Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, in the city of Victoria, which is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, province of British Columbia, Canada. The museum's goal is to collect, preserve, interpret and display the history and heritage of the naval presence on Canada’s West Coast and of the military on Southern Vancouver Island.
The Military Museums of Calgary
Located in Calgary, Alberta.
Our mission is To Preserve artifacts and archival material related to the military history of Canada, with an emphasis on Western Canada; To Remember the sacrifices of Canadian and allies in the defence of our nation and freedom by telling their stories; and To Educate Canadians, with an emphasis on youth, about the impact of military events on the development of Canada and the importance of military security, as a component of national security, in a free and democratic society.
Naval Museum of Alberta
Located in Calgary, Alberta.
The Navy Museum offers tours for all ages which take you on a journey through the stories and adventures of the men and women who have served our country and honour naval tradition.
The Naval Museum of Alberta library is the largest Naval research library in Canada with over 3,000 books in the collection
The Naval Museum of Alberta Archives maintains one of Canada 's largest collections of documents and photographs associated with the history of Canada 's Navy, Merchant Marine and Naval service branches.
The Naval Museum of Manitoba
Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The goal of the Naval Museum of Manitoba is to promote the history of Canada's Navy, especially as it pertains to those Manitobans who have served with the Navy. The Naval Museum captures a moment in history, remembering the lifestyle, sense of duty and patriotism of Canadian sailors during times of peace and war.
Jewish Canadian Military Museum
Located in Toronto, Ontario.
It is our purpose to make the Jewish community and the citizens of Canada aware of the remarkable contributions and supreme sacrifices that Canadians of the Jewish faith have made throughout the years.
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Located in Hamilton, Ontario.
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is a living museum featuring the aircraft used by Canadians or Canada's Military from the beginning of World War II up to the present. The Museum's collection includes aircraft that really fly and several that remain on static display and are interactive workshops.
The Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum
Located in Nanton, Alberta.
Honouring all those associated with Bomber Command during WWII and commemorating the activities of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Canada's Bomber Command Memorial to the 10,000 Canadians that were lost serving with Bomber Command is located at the Museum.
Comox Air Force Museum
Located in Comox Valley, British Columbia.
The Comox Air Force Museum displays the heritage of 19 Wing Comox and West Coast Canadian Military Aviation.
Our Museum is proud to host one of the finest aviation libraries in Canada. This large collection spans the breadth of aviation; from personal accounts and biographies to technical manuals in the books section, and from Canadian Forces issue service magazines to historical newsletters to specialist aircraft magazines in our periodicals section.
Our Air Park located 500 meters down the road from the museum hosts a fine collection of vintage aircraft.

Veterans Associations

Veterans Affairs, Canada
To provide exemplary, client-centred services and benefits that respond to the needs of veterans, our other clients and their families, in recognition of their services to Canada; and to keep the memory of their achievements and sacrifices alive for all Canadians.
Hong Kong Veterans Association
To educate all Canadians on the role of Canada's soldiers in the Battle of Hong Kong and on the effects of the internment of the battle’s survivors on both the soldiers and their families. We also assist in the support and welfare of Hong Kong veterans and their widows.
Canadian Vietnam Veterans
The Military Order of Canadian Vietnam Veterans
We are a Warrior Society. We exist for the mutual benefit of those Military Veterans of the Vietnam War who reside in Canada, and other areas outside the Continental United States, and who choose to become Voting Members of the Society.
Korean Veterans of Canada
This website is dedicated to the 516 Canadians who made the supreme sacrifice during the Korean War and to honour those who dared to die but lived.
The Royal Canadian Legion
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Lamsdorf Reunited
The official website of those who were in Stalag VIIIB
Information on the history and reunions of 8 Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars), Commonly called the "8th Recce".
South Saskatchewan Regiment
The South Saskatchewan Regiment(SSR) web site began in 1999 when Estevan Public Library and Estevan Community Access Project digitized a book called The march of the prairie men by LT. Col. G.B. Buchanan, M.B.E., as part of an effort to digitize all local history works about Estevan, Saskatchewan and area. This book, once online, attracted veterans, their families, and others. These people began to submit photos, anecdotes, letters, documents, memorabilia and other content, which was appended to the book online.
The War Amps of Canada
A philosophy of "amputees helping amputees" has been the hallmark of The War Amps from 1918, when the organization was founded, until the present.
The Mesothelioma Group: Veterans and Asbestos Exposure
The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the extensive amount of asbestos used in past military equipment. We provide step-by-step guidance, veteran tips and support, with invaluable resources and information, all for free.

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General Links

57 Rescue Canada
Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) is dedicated to preserving the Halifax and its international heritage and is actively raising the financial support, through corporate and public sponsorship, to find and recover Halifax LW170.
War and Military Archives Canada
This page offers a selection of Library and Archives Canada resources on the topic of war and military.
Canada Veterans Hall of Valour
Mindful of all those heroic men and women war veterans who faced painful death and disablement in the submarine infested, freezing waters of the North Atlantic, or by being shot down over enemy territory or by facing painful death and disablement from enemy bombs, mortars, machine guns, land mines or artillery, Canadian Veterans' Hall of Honour Inc. are memorializing them in the Canada Veterans' Hall of Valour and the Canada Veterans' Book of Valour. Their sacrifices freed our British, European and Asian cousins from tyranny and dictatorship.
Awards To The Royal Canadian Navy
This web site is dedicated to the Men and Women of the Royal Canadian Navy from 1910 to 1968. The majority of the site relates to the Honours and Awards of World War Two with some details on World War One, Korea, the post-war era and Canadians in the Royal Navy prior to World War One. Awards and citations to the Merchant Navy are also included.
Juno Beach Centre
An online museum of the Canadian war effort.
Discover Canada's Second World War museum in Normandy, France.
Canadian Battlefields Foundation
The Foundation was established in 1992 to educate and actively promote public awareness of Canada's role in the Second World War. Spend some time with us to learn more about our objectives of increasing public awareness of Canada's contributions to peace and freedom in the wars of the twentieth century.
Canadian Honours and Awards
The Honours and Awards section of the Directorate of History and Heritage (DHH 4) is the military secretariat for individual and collective honours and awards, and provides for the development of Canadian Forces honours policy.
Commonwealth Graves Commission
Established by Royal Charter in 1917, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission pays tribute to the 1,700,000 men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the two world wars
Canadian Military History Gateway
The Canadian Military History Gateway is an online service providing access to Websites and digitized resources about Canada’s military history. The goal of the Gateway is to "provide the public with free access to the collective military history resources of Canadian museums, libraries, archives and other heritage organizations through a single, dynamic and intuitive gateway".
Camp X Historical Society
The Camp X Historical Society was established in recognition of the courageous men and women who served in the British Security Coordination (BSC), Special Operations Executive (SOE), and the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) - those men and women who were trained in subversive warfare and covert techniques, those who fought behind enemy lines, who lived in the shadows, or who served at Camp X.
Assembly of First Nations
The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) is the national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada. The AFN represents all citizens regardless of age, gender or place of residence.
Canadian Army Overseas WWII
MAPLE LEAF UP is a private Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory of the all-volunteer Canadian Army Overseas in World War II.
The Great Escape US pages
Information and research on The Great Escape from Stalag Luft 3.
Canadian Air Aces and Heroes
Information on the air aces and heroes of World War I, World War II, and Korea.
The Maple Leaf Forever.
Penned appropriately enough in 1867 Canada's Confederation year, The Maple Leaf Forever enthusiastically celebrates our history and European roots.
History of Avro Aircraft Canada
Information and history one the people and projects of AVRO Canada and Orenda Engines Limited.
Badges and more Reference
We have, as manufacturing wholesalers, supplied the Government and Units across Canada for over 125 years. William Scully Ltd. supplied equipment for troops going to the Boer War, and, to date, we have made and supplied a wider range of uniform dress items than any firm in the Commonwealth
Victoria Cross Information from Veterans Affairs Canada
Includes a list of Canadians who were awarded the Victoria Cross.
For most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.
War Monuments in Canada
Canadian War Monuments are a poignant reminder of the price Canadians have been willing to pay to preserve our democracy. Many of these are falling into a state of disrepair. The War Monuments project is an attempt to preserve the history surrounding the hundreds of war monuments across Canada in digital format and to make it available to a wide audience through the Internet.
This project ended October, 2000.
War Artists of World War I
Maintained by the Archives of Ontario.
Remembers Our Canadian War Heroes
Maintained by the Archives of Ontario.
The Archives has recently acquired a series of letters written from the battlefront during World War One by brothers, Charlie and Wally Gray.
These letters were composed between 1915-1916 by two very ordinary young men. They are touching in their simplicity and, at this time of remembrance, reach us in a way that history texts rarely do.
British War Records Online
DocumentsOnline allows you access to The National Archives' collection of digitised public records, including both academic and family history sources.
Check the "Military & Defence" section for documents related to the war.
BBC UK's World War I History Collection
The causes, events and people of the conflict dubbed the 'war to end all wars'.
BBC UK's World War II History Collection
The causes, events and people of the most destructive war in history
The 'Lancastria' - a Secret Sacrifice in World War Two
When the British troop ship 'Lancastria' was sunk in June 1940, some 5,000 people died - but news of the disaster was kept from the British public. Raye Dancocks explains how this has meant that the sacrifice of the ship's crew has not been fully recognised.
Jill Daniels Wartime 1940's Music
Sample Wartime WWII Music
These sample are short clips from the CD and are not full length or quality mp3 at 32kb/s for quick download.
War Poems - International War Veterans Poetry Archives
The International War Veterans' Poetry Archives (IWVPA) website is a living and growing memorial, dedicated to all warriors who paid the supreme sacrifice for their Country during all occasions where, whilst wearing the uniform of their country, they were placed in harm's way.
The Great Escape
A well-written history of The Great Escape, by Rob Davis. - Pop's Progress
The personal illustrated memoir of my Father, Wng/Cdr Geoffrey Hall (Pop) Porter (R.A.F. Retd.)
German Surrender Papers
German Surrender Documents ending World War II
The Wartime Memories Project - Andrew Mynarski The Forgotten Hero
Hailed as a hero in his native Canada, Andrew Mynarski VC, was almost unknown to the people now living close to his wartime base and the millions of passengers who now fly from the same runways. 60 years on from the night he he gave his life in trying to save his friend, a small group of people decided that this injustice should be corrected.
WW-II Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands
The purpose of the software is to help researchers to get detailed information about Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands in the Second World War. Though all crashes are not (yet) available in the database, it is gradually filled with more data... at present (24th May 2011), detailed information on 750 aircraft and 4114 crew members (of which 552 RCAF) is listed!
Raising awareness on the continued danger of asbestos for all veterans, regardless of country. Around 30 percent of those diagnosed with Mesothelioma have served in the armed forces and can be directly tied back to their exposure to asbestos working on various military projects.
Night Fighter Aces
#1. Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein in which Des Snape and Ian Fowler Life in Stalag L3 may have played a role.

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