A Trip to Visit The Memorial Chamber

The Books of Remembrance are located in the Memorial Chamber in the Peace Tower in the North Block of the Parlamentary buildings on Parlament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario.

Click here for a webcam showing Parlament Hill.

The Peace Tower is the center tower in the photograph on the left. Click the picture (or any other picture shown here) to view a larger image. An elevator takes you to the top of the Peace Tower where you can view the surrounding city. The Peace Tower also contains the bells that ring out a melody over the surrounding area on the hour.

Highway 416 leading North to Ottawa is known as Veterans Memorials Highway, and adorned with a poppy, reads:

Veterans Memorial Highway
Lest We Forget

A full 360 degree view of the surrounding city can be viewed from the top of the Peace Tower, showing an amazing skyline and view of Ottawa.
The ceiling of the Peace Tower is adorned in a beautiful gold chandelier-like decoration.
Above the entrance to the Memorial Chamber, the noble beasts that assisted man in the war effort are depicted, including the reindeer, mule, pigeon, horse, dog, and canaries.

The floor of the Memorial Chamber is made from stones taken from locations where Canadians fought during World War I. The names of some of the battlegrounds from the wars are made from shell casings used during the wars.

Light shines through stained glass windows above the Memorial Chamber, casting a somber light throughout the interior of the chamber.
Plaques on the walls list the theatres fought in during the wars.
The unit crests from all of the regiments in the wars adorns the walls of the Memorial Chamber.
During the Turning of the Page Ceremony, a page is turned in the World War II Book of Remembrance.
This is a picture of page 513 from the World War II Book of Remembrance.

More information
about the Books of Remembrance and the Memorial Chamber can be found on the Veterans Affairs website. For example, you can:

The staff at the Peace Tower and at the Memorial Chamber can assist you in finding more information on those who were lost in the war. For help online, visit the Canadian Virtual War Memorial, which has information on those who lost their lives during the war, including where they are buried, and sometimes personal photographs and memorabilia for them contributed by family members.

The Memorial Chamber and the Books of Remembrance are a tribute to those who lost their lives in the service of our country. If you are ever in Ottawa, we certainly recommend that you visit the Peace Tower and the Memorial Chamber for a look into Canada's past, and those that made Canada's future possible.


We Will Remember

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Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

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