Hind Flight
John A. Neal

A tongue-in-cheek poem for a Tail-Gunner
who never saw what the high-flying pilots saw.


Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of fuselage,
And bounced the sky in plastic covered cage.
Earthward I've looked, while others saw the sky,
And sun-split clouds, and done a hundred things,
I could not dream about, with guns and sight,
And Messerscmidts and Folk-Wulfs on my right.
I've watched the tracer bullets race along,
And had the pilot fling his eager craft through
Footless halls of air.
And, that is why we still are there!

Up, up the long and dangerous flight we climb,
While I've stopped up the wind-swept turret,
Where seldom heat,
Nor even fleece lined coat. has ever been.
And while, with eagle eye and solid vigilance, I've waited,
To protect my friends with whom I long have flown,
Put out my hand, and asked God to see us safely home.


We Will Remember

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Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

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