A Tribute To Ex Service Women
Rene Wolfe

Roll Call

Where are the girls of Canada’s forces
All volunteers from across our fair land,
Who set aside their civilian priorities,
Marched bravely forth with the torch in their hand?

Where are the lassies from across our Dominion,
The tall and the short, the young and the fair,
They never looked back in homeward direction,
But stood and were counted, so proud to be there?

Where are these daughters that stood at attention,
To honour their flag at the set of the sun,
Who solemnly marched in a funeral procession,
Went back to their barracks when their day was done?

Where are these young ladies, the pride of our nation,
The girls that stepped forth to answer the call,
Worked side by side with the men of their station,
Rose to the occasion and gave it their all?

Where are they now these girls of integrity,
Where did they go when the battle was won,
Where are the veterans of Canada’s forces,
The girls that were part of a job well done?

They adjusted their lives to the realms of society,
Worked many hours to support a good cause,
Fought for their rights on behalf of humanity,
Cared for their families and respected the laws.

They have now joined the ranks of the next generation,
Silver haired seniors with stars in their eyes,
Some have gone on to a higher location,
March now with the angels in heavenly skies.

They gather together to relive their memories,
To bring back the sound of trumpet and drum,
Through laughter and tears they will always remember,
That time long ago when they were so young.

We Will Remember

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Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

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