Moment of Silence
by Elvis Baptiste

In the moment of silence our mind is lightened.
As an image comes to focus of our dear beloved.
The heart is heavy as we touch in spirit.
Of those who’ve gone beyond to make their life complete.

In the moment of silence we bow in salute.
To the braves that went ahead and paid the ultimate.
Raised our flag high though in the line of fire.
Fought for our freedom and peace for you and I.

In the moment of silence yesterday is enabled.
When our loved one was alive and dined at our table.
Those memories are framed deep with our hearts.
Always to be remembered and never to impart.

In the moment of Silence memories rule in the moment.
Yesterday is unveiled to breathe in it’s present.
As far as I am concerned everything else can wait.
For I will always make time for that... The Moment of Silence.

We Will Remember

animated maple leaf

Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

© 2007 All rights reserved.