A Veteran’s War is For Life.
by Elvis Baptiste

Though many years have gone by, the terror I still hear.
The voices still echo of the dying warrior.
My heart still ponders as if I am still there.
When I was fighting for my life and relying on prayer.
I was always in fear trying to survive.
A veteran’s war is for life.

Night after night as I lay in darkness.
Sleep is slow in coming when it’s anchored, with dungeons.
When the bullets fell around me as wounded crawled to safety.
Some never making it and died in front of me.
Some I managed to reach and heard their last words.
Tell mom and dad, "I love them both".

I was given recognition with medals and a uniform.
Saluted at the gate when I have made it home.
A million tears fell that day for the welcome home soldier.
Hugs and kisses rained from mothers and fathers.
But some weren’t as fortunate as some came back in coffins.
The cries of wives and children are still fresh within.

Now today, although the guns are quiet, the weapons in museums.
but I still live in it.
I’m still dodging bullets and running in my mind.
The fear still lingers as I still hide in those dungeons.
It’s a life time battle trying to out stride.
A veteran’s war is for life.

We Will Remember

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Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

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