The Merchant Seamen
by James J. Brown AIIE, Brian G. Redding AB

No poppies wave above our heads
Or mark the place where we must sleep
Below the oceans wild and wide
Our resting place is in the deep

Out of the night torpedoes cam
To start the roar of flash and flame
The stink of burning oil and then
The cries of all the dying men

We ask you not to call us brave
For we volunteered, ‘tis true
We gave our lives so you could live
And asked no thanks from you

Armed forces from around the world
Put their lives upon the line
Just the same as we did
Having faith in the divine

The wolf packs now no longer roam
And peace then brought the heroes home
No poppies wave above our heads
But we are gone and long since dead

So let us not forget the crew
Of merchant ships in battle too
The Merchant Seaman played their part
Remember them with all your heart!

We Will Remember

animated maple leaf

Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

© 2007 All rights reserved.