The Law Beyond The Uniform
by Irving E. Rice

The law beyond the uniform,
"No Soldier left behind."
Might not be the one we know,
But it won't be hard to find.

There's not one Soldier missing,
From God's Honor Roll.
Their names are written down by him,
He won't forget a soul.

You won't be needing uniforms,
Because you'll be retired.
The angels won't be giving shots,
No clinics are required.

God hears every Soldier's prayer,
No matter what the rank.
He hears you if you're on a boat,
Or if you're in a tank.

If you're hurting in a bed,
We pray our love you'll find.
God's law was written down with love,
"No Soldier left behind."

We Will Remember

animated maple leaf

Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

© 2007 All rights reserved.