A Canadian
by Hazel (Packham) Lindgren

I am a Canadian
Wounded and slain,
Now under a cross
I will remain.
There was no stone
To carve a name,
For miles and miles
You see the same.
Beside our fathers
Cold and still,
Who fought for us
And God,s great will.
The day arrived
To land in France,
To prove to Europe
Our only chance
With planes above
A terrible din,
Objectives ahead
We had to win.
The sandy beach
A welcome gave,
And now is too
A watery grave.
My body still
My heart did stop,
But my spirit lives
Up there on top.
I heard the cheers
When fresh arrived,
To take our place
In a new drive.
The guns are now
Far up inland,
Leaving behind
The blood-stained sand.
Now it's quiet,
I heard one say
"Boy, some plan
That June D-Day"
The folks at home
On bended knee,
Hoped and prayed
For all and me.
I did not care
If I died,
For we must win
All nations allied.
Tho- I'm dead
I cannot rest,
Till you can say
"We've done our best".
So don't forget
Men count on you,
To help them out
Be loyal and true.

Hazel (Packham) Lindgren

We Will Remember

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Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

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