The Coyote and the Moth

J.J. Westbrook


Job: Flight Instructor
Postings: High River, Alberta
Dauphin, Manitoba

While in training, and flying a Tiger Moth, we, in our exuberant youth, decided to chase a coyote. My partner, who was flying the plane, accidentally clipped the coyote and it immediately dropped to the ground. After circling around and checking from above, we concluded it was dead.

Upon landing, it was confirmed. Yep, dead as a doornail. What can you do with a dead coyote?

We dragged the animal to the edge of the plane and, after some discussion prior to takeoff, my partner instructed me to hang onto the animal until he gave the word to let it go.

Away we went and I hung on to that big ol coyote till he hollered, Okay, let er go! We dropped that coyote right into the yard of a rancher friend, who happened to be an honorary member of the Mess.

Well, our rancher friend had his suspicions about who caused this mess in his yard, but never ever knew for sure who did this. Naturally, we never mentioned the incident until now!

We Will Remember

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Thank you, Veterans,

With sincere gratitude from all Canadians

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