A Whale of a Tale

Ted (Anonymous)


I was on a ship that was escorting a convoy across the Atlantic. When we left Halifax, three sailors were put on watch for German subs. One sailor on the Bridge, one on port and one on starboard. Suddenly the man on the portside said he thought he saw something big ahead that looked like a submarine. The fellow on the bridge then spotted it also! They called to the third sailor to see if he had seen the object too, but there was no answer. They called to him again... but still there was no reply.

When that third man finally woke up and yelled that there was something in the water, the Bridge yelled "Where?"

The sailor yelled back... "Ummm... too late, we just hit it"

It was a whale and not what the others had suspected. U-Boat or whatever, it made for a tense few minutes.

We Will Remember

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